Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Why am I telling you this?

Vince Stanzione review :

Firstly, by telling you this it doesn’t affect me in any way, if it did then I would not be telling you, there are already thousands of people all around the world doing the same thing, so a few more will not make a difference.

Secondly, many people that have tried to get into this business have failed due to no sound training and poor advice. It upsets me to see people lose their hard earned money to greedy bookmakers, stockbrokers, software vendors, seminar sharks and brokers and I want to give “the little guy” a helping hand. If you read a bit about my background you will see that I started from nothing and came from the school of hard knocks.

Nobody to date has written an honest guide on financial spread trading and how private traders can copy the special techniques that professionals have been making millions with for years. And lastly, I am of course going to make some extra "fun" money from selling my course.

In the past I have told a few friends and family about what I do in a vague way, similar to what I am telling you, but I have never explained to anyone the full nuts and bolts. A few of my friends thinking that this was money for nothing went out and tried it on their own, you guessed it, they lost large amounts of money.

After being pestered for about a year I finally decided to put what I knew about financial markets in writing and I produced a workbook to help these rookie traders out. I’ve spent a good three years writing this course and I am now selling this information on. I cannot guarantee how long I will be selling this information for, so if you are interested then please do not delay. As I have already stated, I have many other business interests and my own trading is more important.

The other point is that I have rattled a few cages in the financial community so if you decide that you would like to go forward with this business then act now and do not look a gift horse in the mouth for too long.

See there is a way virtually anyone – regardless of experience, knowledge or amount of capital -- can realistically be up-and-running making trading profits from the financial markets within 15-days of reading this letter.
And don’t worry, you won’t have to pay out thousands of pounds to “learn the ropes” or put your life savings at risk in the process.
As a matter of fact, if you give me your permission...

Vince Stanzione

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