Friday, 3 May 2013

CFDS Explained - Beginner's Guide To Contracts For Difference

Trading vetran Vince Stanzione explains the pros and cons of using Contracts for Diffrence or CFDs. CFDs allow you to trade in financial products and markets including domestic and global shares, indices, foreign exchange (forex or FX) and commodities such as gold and oil using a single trading account. CFDs can be used by traders based Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Spain, Italy, German and Sweden to name a few.Everything you need to know about CFDs and CFD trading. Start trading CFDs today with this quick introductory video. Contracts for diffrence tips, systems, trading tips on CFDs.. Discover secrets to making money in Up or Down markets using CFDs Contracts for Diffrence

Monday, 29 April 2013

Vince Stanzione Tips Update Dow 14200 What Next? - Trading Financial Markets self made multi millionaire trader and investor Vince Stanzione and investor gives a rare interview at the Financial Times/Investors Chronicle and updates his 14200 Dow call and what he seems for the rest of 2013. Shares and Indecies mentioned in this video include US Homebuilders (ITB) US Biotech (XBI) The Dow Jones Index, Citigroup (C) AIG and GE. To find out more about how you to can profit from trading financial markets go to

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Is Spread Betting a Con? Myths and Lies

So basically spread betting is a con? Customers never make money? Igindex, Capital Spreads, Financial Spread, CMC Markets.There are millions of myths surrounding Financial Spread Betting. ... it they have lost their deposit, return to the Pub and complain that it's all a con. In the clip Vince Stanzione explains what you need to know about Financial Spread Betting.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Jim Rogers Vince Stanzione London 2010 Global Financial Trading Day

Just a few lines to thank you for the excellent seminar. After the first session on Friday I placed 2 bets during the break with what I had learnt. By the end of day one I had made just over £2,000.00. By the end of Monday thanks to the 300 point drop on the Dow I made a further £3,000.00. So I went from knowing little about trading at 9.30am Friday to making just over £5,000 total profit tax free by the close of business on Monday. To say I am delighted is an understatement. Attending this event was the most profitable and rewarding thing I have ever done, and I look forward to receiving the videos in due course so I can review and continue to learn.

Ajit Singh, Leicester

I have followed Vince Stanzione for many years now and I am very happy to report that he continues to impress with his knowledge, candour and delivery. The information can be back dated and checked and proves very successful on a percentage basis. Wishing you continued success!

Perry Morgan

A truly life changing day which I cannot wait to put into action. Vince Stanzione spent time on the psychology of trading, identifying all the mistakes I have been making. He then set out some clear strategies and tactics which I will take immediate action on.
Graham Rowan

A trading day with Vince Stanzione really is a life changing experience. The information and insights into how to lead a life of prosperity are simply second to none. Although the main reasons for people attending his seminars are about making money in financial markets. He also teaches you that true wealth is not just about money but it is about achieving the life you desire.

The trading material provided is both informative and easy to follow for traders of all experiences whether they are beginners or have traded the markets for several years. There is something here for everyone and I cannot thank him enough for the opportunities he has now provided me with.

David Thurling

Leading edge insight and profitable strategies for the independent trader. No one else covers so many instruments in such a simple yet profitable way.

George Harrison

Love the way you trade and your methods. Very genuine and honest!

Gloria Cheng

Removes the stress from trading. Cant wait to get started. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks Vince Stanzione.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

How to Use Sharescope Trading Software UK/US

Vince Stanzione shows how to use sharescope to filter new opportunities. Sharescope trading systems, sharescope charting software. Best charts for UK market. Investment software for UK. Financial spread betting software. Vince Stanzione system. Sharescope award winning software that helps pick shares.Award winning trading and investment Software for UK, NYSE, NASDAQ, world indices and FOREX, FREE download available Sharescope ShareScope offers complete stock market data and analysis to track portfolios and analyse market trends. Vince Stanzione recommends sharescope and has been a user for over 13 years.I use the Sharescope Gold software for end of day data. It offers data on Shares, Indices, Investment Trusts, Gilts, Commodities, ETF's, Forex and just about anything you can imagine. It literally has tens of thousands of charts. Not only is it charting software but you can also get in depth information about individual companies including all sorts of ratios along with standard balance sheet information. Sharescope data mining Data Mining' feature where you can instantly search through thousands of shares to find ones that match certain adjustable filters. You can have as many or as few filters you like and if there isn't one there that you like you can contact support via the Sharescope Forum and I am sure they will happily help. Sharescope gold, Should I use sharescope plus or sharescope pro? sharescope vince stanzione review. Sharescope award winning software used by Vince Stanzione system, students. using sharescope on a mac

Monday, 22 April 2013

Millionaire Trader Shares Money Making Secrets – Independent Newspaper

Vince Stanzione and Making Money From Financial Spread Trading featured in today’s Independent Newspaper. Clipping for The Independent Newspaper Business Franchise Section 26th July 2011 – Page 32.


Saturday, 20 April 2013

Financial Spread Betting on Gold profit from Up and Down Moves

Here is a guide to making a Financial Spread Bet on the price of Gold using a Financial bookmaker such as IG Index or City Index. To learn more about Financial Spread Betting, CFDs, Options then take a look at 



Monday, 15 April 2013

Financial Spread Betting Guide - Tips on Getting Started Guide to Financial Spread Betting The Beginner's Guide to Financial Spread Betting Winning spread betting strategies: How to make money in the medium term in up, down and sideways markets Vince Stanzione tip on Financial Spread Betting using IG Index, Spreadex, CMC and City Index. . Spread Betting Explained Introduction to Spread Betting -- What you need to know How does financial spread betting work?

View this vídeo of Vince Stanzione


Saturday, 13 April 2013

How to make Money in the Stock Market

Vince Stanzione Review:
How to make Money in the Stock Market? Secrets of trading stocks, FX, Indecies, Options, Exchange Traded funds. Trend Trading. Discover the secrets of making $100 to $2000+ per day, Trading World Financial Markets. Profit from Up, Down and even sideways markets

Friday, 12 April 2013

Vince Stanzione

Vince Stanzione has proven systems that have helped many people using Financial Spread Betting techniques. If you are researching Vince Stanzione and his techniques then you are on the right track to succeed. Take a look at more information on Vince Stanzione by clicking the link below...

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Trading Financial Markets - Vince Stanzione Interview

Alex Kramer catches up with multi-millionaire Financial Trader and Investor Vince Stanzione to ask where he sees opportunities in today's financial markets. Discover how to profit from markets going up and down using financial spread betting, CFD, options, fixed odds bets and Exchange Traded Funds. Regardless if your new to investing and trading or you have many years of experience Vince Stanzione can help you with his step by step trading system to but the odds in your favour. You can trade part time spending no more than 15 minutes a day at a time to suit you. You will learn how to trade financial markets with a plan and know when to get in and more importantly when to get out. Learn how to trade shares, commodities, currencies, indices and more all from one account. Vince Stanzione reviews and trading tips

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Did you make money in 2012 following Vince Stanzione?

Millionaire Trader Group protégé programme members are personally taught by Vince Stanzione, here are what the 2011 and 2012 members had to say. If you would like to be considered for the 2013 group and learn to profit from financial markets then go to htttp:// password: YOUTUBE

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Vince Stanzione Review

Vince Stanzione is a self-made millionaire that has earned his fortune through financial trading. Vince Stanzione is renowned worldwide but don't take our word for it check out the Vince Stanzione reviews on the internet. If you open your browser and type in Vince Stanzione reviews, you will see hundreds if not thousands of people who have passed comment on Vince Stanzione.
Whether you would like to follow in Vince Stanzione's footsteps and become a millionaire or you need help with anything to do with financial trading then Vince Stanzione is the best person to follow but again if you check out the Vince Stanzione review you will see for yourself just what Vince Stanzione as achieved in such a short space of time.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Zak Mir Interviews Vince Stanzione Part 4

Zak Mir: The impression given in the media is that you are something of a millionaire recluse who was successful in the business world and then came to trade the markets. Why do you want to actually help others make money — shouldn’t people find out for themselves as you did?

Vince Stanzione: My first business was set up at the age of 12 — selling computer games on tape. My dad was a hairdresser and wanted me to take over the business (looking at my own hair — no way!), and so I got a job in FX as a junior in 1985 after I watched a program on BBC2, it’s here on the net — I then got wiped out in the 1987 crash and started the car phone businesses. Then I decided to have another go at investing in 1990/1991 (when I had money) and bought penny shares such as Next at 11p via an entity then known
as Sharelink. I opened my first IG index account in 1990 and I still have the account today (it’s a very
short account number!). But I learnt from others such as Jess Livermore, Jim Rogers and Nick
Darvas, so why not pass my skills on? But you’re right, traders must make their own mistakes, it’s part of growing up in the markets.

Zak Mir: Do you have a macro view on the UK / Western Economy, and is it as grim as the 20 year Japanese Zombie economic scenario that many people fear? Do you have any strong views on Gold, and especially equities now that they are back at multi year highs?

Vince Stanzione: I believe we are in a glorious time, the US economy will power ahead and the Dow could easily hit 20,000 or 30,000+ in the next 10 to 15 years. The new shale energy and biotech/healthcare discoveries are underestimated. I liked gold and platinum 10 years or so ago, but sold it all a few years ago bar a few Canadian Maple leafs. I don’t own gold now as I think you can make more elsewhere. Also I don’t buy that gold is an inflation hedge, so are stocks — you would have made more in McDonalds the last 20 years than gold. I do still own some palladium
Europe is worrying, however, the demographics are very bad — too many older people being supported by less and less youth. Turkey though is the outlier as it has good demographics.

Zak Mir: So you think issues such as the banking sector, the Eurozone and a possible bubble in China
will be resolved successfully? Arguably, the U.S. got us into the financial crisis in the first place via Sub Prime, and has kept us, economically, down with the Fiscal Cliff — an issue which is still bubbling under the surface?

Vince Stanzione: Well if you read certain media, the world is always ending, so far the world has not (in fact wasn’t it supposed to on Dec 12th last year?!) and if it does then you have nothing to worry about! But seriously, humans are very resourceful and adaptive, that is why we don’t use a typewriter or travel by horse and cart anymore. The times I have read that oil is going to run out, yet truth is we have plenty and cars are far more economical.

Zak Mir: Here in the UK we have the possibility of the Scots leaving and the UK itself leaving the EU in 2017. Would you not be particularly bearish regarding sterling and also the bubble in Central
London real estate? This, along with the regulatory issues in the City of London, give the impression
that Zone 1 London may no longer be the “Monaco” style safe haven it used to be?

Vince Stanzione: Well a weaker sterling makes London property look cheaper, especially if you’re from Norway or Canada. Markets normally overshoot up and down be it property, fine wines, art or classic cars, but then buyers and sellers regroup and prices adjust, basic demand and supply dynamics reassert.
It is hard to predict if the UK would leave the EU, but I don’t see the UK turning in to some Third World country. The UK is very respected in many fields such as biotech, fashion & design, television, music & film, tourism to name a few, and these areas can bring a lot of money into the UK.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Zak Mir Interviews Vince Stanzione Part 3

Zak Mir: You may not have just one system for taking positions, but of course what kills many a trading account is not the winners but the losers that outpace them. What are your key signs that you
were wrong and it is time to get out? Is it just a matter of a certain amount of money, or are there
other cues that tell you that the factors that brought you into a trade are no longer valid? Do you find it easy to take a loss — something which “bad traders” have great difficulty doing.
Vince Stanzione: Starting out, I hated taking losses, I would hold on and “hope” that those bad short term trades would reverse, of course they largely became bad long term ones! I would cut the winners far too quickly as we all like instant gratification. As I matured, I learned to do the opposite. I do have
a fairly mechanical exit, so if a trade is not making money and falls below a certain point it is cut and in many cases I reverse a trade from long to short and then back again. I have done that a few times with Netflix (NFLX) the last three years.

Zak Mir: I have over the months interviewed several leading figures in the markets, whether trading for themselves or managing funds, and one thing has stood out which I did not expect. In general, it would appear they are successful at trading (a losing game for most retail traders) because they are exceptional — either in discipline, IQ, knowledge or in most cases all of the above. In other words: just as they are winners in trading, they would be in business, the academic world or probably in anything they put their minds to. Is there any point getting involved in the market if you know you are not highly gifted? 

Vince Stanzione: I am very interested in people and psychology.
I made my first million from car phones by watching trends and what the yuppies wanted. I have no real formal qualifications. Yes, exceptional people, be it in sports, business, TV or trading are wired
differently and in many cases have a different emotional make up. We don’t really care about
rejection or being wrong. 

Zak Mir: You have been quoted as saying that your main successes in the markets have not come from day trading, but more from what would be called position trading / trend following.
Are such trades based on technical or fundamental triggers? Is there a typical set up?

Vince Stanzione: Both, it is funny. The so called technicians often quote fundamental issues and I think they should be used together. My typical set up is a stock that is either hated or loved and then I start seeing a trend change — Apple both up and now down is a good example.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Zak Mir Interviews Vince Stanzione Part 2

Zak Mir: So you are effectively vetting your students before they start. Does this mean that the demographic they represent have the best chance of winning in the markets? It clearly helps if they have been successful in their life to date, is that what you are saying?

Vince Stanzione: Yes you are so right, success breeds success, not necessarily that they have trading experience. I will give you an example: I had a lady I taught to trade that ran a successful florist shop. She knew nothing about shares or markets, but she did know about profit margins, buying from the flower market, having too much stock and so on. So really her life experience was helpful when trading stocks. I did a study on the most successful age groups.

 Zak Mir: What would you say that the minimum requirements are for successful trading — financial, knowledge, mindset, account size?

Vince Stanzione: I think the minimum to open an account these days is £20,000; it can and has been done on less, but really that is what you should be starting with. Knowledge wise, really sometimes less is better than more, my workbook takes the assumption that you have never traded before. Mindset? Really someone that does not get upset when trades don’t work out, losing is part of the business and people that are not in a hurry to see instant results generally are more profitable. Returns are also not evenly distributed, trading is not a job or pay packet where you earn X a month, some months you will make nothing or lose money, other months you will do very well. Anyone that is self-employed will know it’s not a smooth curve.
I think trading is like dating, if you are desperate for a date it shows and women don’t want to date a desperate man! If you are desperate to make money, you overtrade making trades when you should do nothing and normally it ends badly.

 Zak Mir: Can you describe to us your trading style/system and why you think it gives you an “edge” over the markets?

 Vince Stanzione: I do not use one system, I would describe myself as the “Bruce Lee” of trading — I change and adapt, but at heart am a trend trader, although sometimes can be contrarian, and I also pay heed of seasonality and sentiment.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Zak Mir Interviews Vince Stanzione Part 1

This month Zak interviews self proclaimed spread betting guru Vince Stanzione.

Zak Mir: There are cynics out there (including our beloved editor!) who suggest that those who can
trade do, and those who can’t “advise”. Do you agree with this and are there any financial markets
gurus you follow or respect?

Vince Stanzione: I agree 90% of those who offer seminars, tip services, advising etc. cannot trade or invest themselves and are getting rich off the “how to” bandwagon. It can be argued that I fall into that camp as I wrote my first course on spread betting in 1997. I was however already wealthy at that point, both from other businesses and investing. Most of the people I respect are dead, but Ralph Acampora and David Tepper I follow today.

Zak Mir: Much is said about trading for a living, but is it really worth it given the anecdotal evidence of a failure rate for most people of over 90% and so the risk reward ratio doesn’t stack up? What can those who do, in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, decide to embark on this pursuit realistically expect to make?

Vince Stanzione: I would never just be a full time trader; my experience is that the more time you spend trading the more you lose. My style is trend trading and so I can be in a trade for weeks, months and even years. It means that I don’t have to watch a screen all day.
I trialled a Bloomberg terminal a few years ago and gave it back as it was simply too much information!
My experience is those desperate to make money never do, that is why having a second income helps.
The majority of my students are over 50 years of age and are already fairly wealthy — I don’t deal with the unemployed or last chance hopers!